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This is How to Sober up if You Get Too High on Cannabis

This is How to Sober up if You Get Too High on Cannabis

I still remember that one time when I got too high. Trust me, that was the worst experience for me related to consuming cannabis. Ask any stoner, they will tell you that no one enjoys that moment when they get too high. No matter if you are smoking cannabis for recreational purposes or medical purposes.

A lot of people use Google search to look  for a “medical marijuana card near me” in order to get their MMJ card to buy medical cannabis. Medical cannabis can help people in managing their health conditions. But if you do not pay attention to the dosage, you can end up getting too high.

There can be various reasons for you to get way too high. Maybe you smoked too much cannabis, or the edibles kicked in a bit late. Or maybe you tried cannabis concentrates for the first time, and their potency took you by surprise. Or you simply have a low tolerance level. Whatever the reason is, I can relate to how you feel when you are too high.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help you. In this article, you will learn about the best tips that will help you sober up from being too high. These tips have helped me and a lot of my stoner friends, and they will surely help you. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Here is how to Sober up if You Get Too High on Cannabis.

Tip 1. Stay Calm, do Not Panic

I know, it is easier said than done, but you have to try to stay calm as this is one way to sober up. You need to understand that whatever symptoms you are experiencing right now are temporary. Whether you are feeling anxious or paranoia, or have sweaty palms, these symptoms won’t last long. These feelings will soon pass on their own. You just have to ride them out.

Also, contrary to you may have heard or read, cannabis will not kill you. Yes, overdosing on cannabis is not fatal. You may feel uncomfortable, anxious, or paranoid, but you are not going to die because of cannabis overdose. Even if you are freaking out right now, understand that you are not going to die. So, try not to panic and just stay calm.

Tip 2. Drink a Lot of Water

Another way to sober up is keeping yourself hydrated when you are under the influence of cannabis. Water has many benefits for you, and it can also help you when you are too high. You can choose any cold, non-caffeinated beverage drink, such as juice. This allows you to focus on simple activities like sipping and swallowing. It will help you distract your mind.

While you are thinking of having a cold beverage, make sure you do not choose an alcoholic drink! Alcohol can make things worse for you by increasing the THC blood concentration. So, stay away from alcohol when you are too high.

Tip 3. Get Familiar With Your Limits

Well, this one is not going to help you if you are already too high. But it is surely going to help you stay away from getting into this situation the next time. Getting familiar with your tolerance level allows you to figure out how much you need to consume. You will understand when it’s enough for you.

Always start slow and with a low dosage. Take a small dose of cannabis and wait to see how you feel before going for the second dose. This is especially important when you are consuming edibles. Edibles are tricky to dose. So, start with a standard dose of 10mg (or even smaller like 5mg). Then wait for about 1 to 2 hours to see how you feel before you take another dosage. The same goes for other methods.

When smoking cannabis, make sure you do not take more than two puffs. Take two puffs and wait for a few minutes to check how you feel. If you do not feel effects that much, then only proceed.

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