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Different Ways to Use Already Vaped Cannabis

Different Ways to Use Already Vaped Cannabis

Do you vape cannabis? If yes, then you might have often come across the dilemma of throwing the leftover cannabis away or reusing it some way. For most people who vape, the leftover cannabis is useless. It only sees one place and that is the trash bag. But there are people who keep the residues or try to smoke it again.

Well, to all the people who have the habit of storing their vaped cannabis, I have good news for you. You can reuse it in more than one way. That’s right! So, if vaping is the method you choose after your 420 Evaluation, you need to read this to enjoy your stash to the fullest.

What is Already Vaped Cannabis?

I think the name itself gives away a lot. Already vaped cannabis also known as already been vaped (ABV) and already vaped buds (AVB) is all the residual cannabis after a vaping session. It usually does not have the vibrant green color of cannabis but has a brown hue instead. The color is the result of the combustion that happens in the vaping session. The same is the case with its scent. You might not find the characteristic skunky, herby or woody smell in cannabis. The aroma will be very faint compared to what it was before vaping.

Now, since the cannabis has been vaped, it has been extracted out of most of its cannabinoids and other chemicals that are needed for the therapeutic effects. But does it mean that there is no use left at all? Absolutely not!

Is it Effective?

If we are comparing the effectiveness to a strong high, pain relieving or strong sleep inducing properties, then the answer is no.

Most of the chemicals are already used up in an AVB. So, in terms of medical effects, there isn’t much that you can expect. But, there are still some cannabinoids left in the AVB that you can make use of. According to a study, over a third of the original THC is left in your AVB. it is enough reason to not let go of your vaped cannabis.

However, the exact amount of leftover THC or the potency of ABV can still vary in a number of factors. First is the temperature you vape at. The lower the temperature, the more will be the potency of the AVB.

Second, the original potency of your strain will also decide the residual THC in the AVB. and lastly, the duration of your vaping session is a major factor in determining the potency. The longer your session, the lower will be the amount of cannabinoids in your vaped cannabis.

Different Ways to Use AVB

Now that you have some idea about your already used bud, it’s time to use it. If you have just completed a session of vaping, don’t throw away the leftover. Transform it in the following ways instead.

Make AVB Food Recipes

If you have a knack for cooking then you will love this idea. Use your vaped cannabis to turn some of your favorite recipes into cannabis infusions. Whether it is your everyday avocado toast, lasagna for lunch or a turkey dinner, you can add a dash of your AVB and enjoy the food.

The best part about cooking with AVB is that you can skip the step of decarboxylation. Because during your vaping session, the cannabis was exposed to heat and it decarboxylated. So you can sprinkle it on top of your salad or add it into the soup as it is.

Make Infusions

One of the best ways of using AVB is infusions. If you cook your own food frequently, it’s best to replace the cooking oil or butter spread with cannabis infusions. Take some coconut oil, olive oil or your favorite brand of butter and learn the recipe of infusing it with your AVB.
Once it’s complete, you can use it everyday to fry your bacon or even as a spread on top of your bagel.


You can turn your AVB into capsules and the process is easier than you may think. All you need to do is buy some gel capsules online or from your local pharmacy. Fill them up with your already vaped cannabis and voila, you have cannabis capsules ready to use.

The only setback of capsules is that it may take time to kick in the body since the dissolving process takes time.

Brew it into Tea or Coffee

You can use AVB to brew your coffee or tea in 10 minutes. All you have to do is take some of your vaped cannabis and add it to the coffee or tea brew. Let it sit for some time and then strain it to separate the cannabis from the liquid. Just remember, AVB has a very strong and bitter flavor, so use strong flavored tea or coffee to mask the taste.

So now you know that reusing vaped cannabis is a smart move. It helps you save money and get the most out of your stash. And these are just a few ways of using already vaped buds. If you take some time to do the research, you can find a variety of different methods to reuse the leftover of your vaping session.

So next time you are staring at a large chunk of leftover cannabis, you will know exactly what to do.

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