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Learn to Break up Your Cannabis Without a Grinder

Learn to Break up Your Cannabis Without a Grinder

Smoking cannabis is a great experience that can provide you relaxation. Cannabis has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, thanks to its medical and therapeutic benefits. With simple 420 evaluations in Temecula, you can get your medical marijuana card. This card allows you to buy medical cannabis for your condition. Many people also smoke cannabis for recreational purposes. You want everything to go smoothly so that you can enjoy your perfect cannabis smoking session. Suppose you are ready for your smoking session but can not find the grinder to grind your buds. Do not let this problem ruin your perfect cannabis smoking session. There are some amazing methods to break up your buds without the help of a grinder.

A grinder makes things easy for you when you are preparing for a cannabis smoking session. This accessory can help you in breaking down your buds in a pinch. Not finding the grinder at the right time can be a little frustrating for some cannabis smokers. But you can break up your cannabis without a grinder in simple ways. I have prepared a list of some of the best methods to break up your cannabis without a grinder. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Use Your Hands to Break up Your Cannabis

Let’s go back to old school ways and remember the basics. Before the grinders gained their popularity, cannabis users used their hands to break up their buds. Now, it’s time for you to do this and get back to the basics. Also, it is a very simple method where you have to make a bowl-like shape with your one hand. Then use the other hand to pick away at your buds and start breaking them apart.

Breaking up your buds with your fingers is a very amazing experience. But it does have a few downsides to it. Well, cannabis is sticky, so breaking it down using your fingers can be a bit tedious. The resin is going to build up around your hand while you do it. But the result you get is also very pleasing.

Let’s talk about “getting your hands dirty.” You can smoke the resin built up around your hand to get an extra kick. Just scrape the resin off your hands with the help of a credit card or keys, and add it in a joint or bong. And I have just told you one of the oldest ways to make hash. Breaking apart your buds with your hands also builds a relationship between you and your buds. You get the true feel of the structure of your buds and the unique aromas.

2. Using Parchment Papers

If you want to keep your hands clean, and do not want the resin to build up around your hands, use parchment paper. You have to use a piece of parchment paper to build a barrier between your cannabis and your hands. In the end, you will not have to worry about scraping off the sticky and aromatic resin from your hands.

Well, there are other paper products too that you can use for this method. But, parchment works the best because it has a waxy surface, which helps in keeping everything from sticking. You just have to cut some pieces up and then use them by placing them between your fingers. 

3. Using Scissors And a Shot Glass

Another method that will keep your hands clean is by using scissors and a shot glass. Well, trimmers already have companionship with scissors. But did you know that you can also use scissors post-processing to break down larger buds? So, get some sharp scissors and a shot glass, and get started. You just have to put your cannabis in the glass and begin with the shopping process.

This method is a little tedious as well, but you will surely get nice, evenly cut cannabis in the end. Also, there are two main reasons for using a shot glass for this method. The first one is that it has high walls that will stop any cannabis from falling out when you are doing the “chop-chop.” The second reason is that a shot glass has a small diameter that will tightly confine your cannabis. This will make it very easy for you to cut through. And if you do not have a shot glass, you can use any regular glass or container. Make sure you tilt the container on an edge in order to bunch the buds together nicely. Also, take care of any pieces flying out while you are chopping.

4. Knife And a Chopping Board

Time to use your chopping skills! Trust me, using a knife and a chopping board to cut your cannabis is one of the very popular ways. So, just get a chopping board and a knife to settle your cannabis craving. The best way is to use a serrated knife as they have the ability to pull and tear while the knife glides along. But you can use any other sharp knife for this trick.

With the chopping board, you will be able to contain everything. This way you will not have to worry about extensive clean up after the work. Think of this work as if you are slicing vegetables, and soon you will have nice, finely chopped cannabis. You just need patience and some cutting skills for it. Just remember one thing, always clean the utensils before using them; especially if you used the knife and board for cutting pungent ingredients, such as onions or garlic. If the board and knife are not clean, the odor will contaminate your cannabis.

5. Using a Coin And Container

Do you have a coin? You can use a coin and a container to break apart your tougher cannabis buds. Get a clean coin and a sturdy container, and put your cannabis inside the container. Then drop the coin inside it as well. Finally, seal the lid of the container, and start giving it a good shake.

As the coin thrashes around the container, it will tear through your buds. This method is a great way to break up the dense or slightly moist, sticky buds. You can also use a key if you do not have a coin to do it. You just have to give a solid shake. When it comes to choosing a container for this hack, the ideal choice would be prescription bottles and a breath mint. The cannabis will not stand a chance against the coin that is thrashing in a confined space. Never try this method using a plastic baggie. The coin or the key you use can tear a hole in that plastic baggie, and your cannabis will spill everywhere. So, always use a sturdy container for this method.

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