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6 Tips to Tackle The Dreaded Cannabis Tolerance

6 Tips to Tackle The Dreaded Cannabis Tolerance

With cannabis getting so popular now, the number of applications for 420 evaluations in Temecula is skyrocketing. Today, the herb is helping millions of people in the country manage their medical conditions. And with these trends rising, it perhaps won’t be false to say that cannabis has now become a very important part of the US health industry.

However, while using the herb, there’s one problem that perhaps everyone has to face. The problem we call “cannabis tolerance.”

Cannabis tolerance is a condition in which, after prolonged use, your body stops reacting to your dose in the way it used to. Due to this, neither you get any medicinal benefits from it, nor do you get high. And you are left with nothing but to consume more.

As a marijuana user, you perhaps would never want this to happen to you, right? 

But is there anything we can do to avoid it?

Fortunately, there is. In fact, there are more than a few things you can do to prevent developing tolerance toward cannabis. And in this post, we will be discussing the top six of them.

Start Consuming Less

Consuming less? But we just discussed that you need to increase your dosage to balance your high tolerance.

Well, that is right. But increasing your dosage is going to help you only feel the effects while having a high tolerance, not lower your tolerance. In fact, consuming more is itself the reason your body develops tolerance. Given this, to reverse these effects, your first and foremost approach should be to start consuming less. Yes, you won’t feel the effects for some time. But by doing so, you make your body lose the habit of high marijuana quantities. And that’s exactly what you want.

Okay, I understand, it isn’t as easy as said, especially if you are an experienced user. You obviously can’t smoke your joints in half. But you do have the option to roll a smaller joint. Similarly, with cannabis edibles, rather than picking up a whole piece of brownie, break it in half.

But hey, what if you are a medicinal user and need a specific dosage to manage your condition? In this case, you surely can’t consume less.

Well, we do have some other options.

Switch Between Strains

If you are an experienced user, you perhaps are already aware of the fact that different strains of cannabis have different effects on the consumers. This is because all of them have varying chemical profiles. Some have a higher level of THC in them, while others carry a more of therapeutic CBD. Given this, they affect your tolerance levels too differently. 

However, the problem here is that most users tend to keep using a single strain for a very long time. And this makes their bodies tolerant toward its effects. 

A very easy way to manage this problem would be to use more than one strain and keep switching between them frequently. You may buy multiple strains with different potency levels and try a different one every time you take a dose. By doing this, you won’t allow your body to get familiar with the effects of just one strain. And thus, you won’t develop any tolerance.

Try Different Strain Type

Another very good way to control your tolerance toward cannabis would be to switch between your strain types. 

But didn’t we just talk about it? 

Actually no. You should note that a strain and a strain-type are two different things. Talking about strains, we have more than a thousand of them available in the market. However, the major strain types are only two- Indica and Sativa.

So, how switching between them can keep your tolerance under control?

Well, the thing you need to understand here is that the effects of both these types on your body are very different. Given this, they develop your tolerance differently. So, if you keep switching between Indica and Sativa strains, frequently, you may avoid the dreaded phenomenon of marijuana tolerance to happen to you.

Try a Different Way of Consumption

It may seem very unconventional, but making a switch to a new way of consuming cannabis can also help you lower your tolerance toward the herb. The reason for this is that, with each method, the compounds of the herb enter your system differently. For instance, while smoking, the cannabinoids enter your system via your respiratory tract. And thus, the onset of the effects is very quick. However, in the case of edibles, it takes some time for the plant to affect your body, as the cannabinoids take the digestive path and metabolize in your stomach slowly. Surprisingly, this difference between the effects of various consumption methods may also alter your tolerance toward cannabis.

So, if you think you are not able to feel the effects of marijuana, try making a switch to another method of administering. Who knows how this simple change may turn out to be for your cannabis journey?

Switch to CBD-only Products

One of the very major, if not the only, reasons for your body to develop tolerance toward cannabis is the compound we call THC. So, what if we just eliminate it completely? To control your marijuana tolerance, you may switch to CBD-only products.

The marijuana plant has more than 200 compounds that we know of. However, the two most researched are CBD and THC. Marijuana experts say that these are the two that are majorly responsible for the medicinal properties of cannabis.

You should note that both these cannabinoids have pretty much the same effects with almost similar health benefits. However, a small difference between them is that THC is psychoactive, while CBD is not. CBD, as per the experts, can in fact help you combat the high caused by THC. Due to this property of CBD, you may use it to get your tolerance back to the level you’d like. 

Take a T-Break

Okay, this may sound a little harsh. After all, you didn’t go to those 420 evaluations in Temecula and got an MMJ card just to take a break from it later. But if nothing from the above works, sadly, you are left with the option of T-break only.

If you don’t know what a T-break is, it’s an exercise in which you just stop consuming the herb completely for some time. This break time usually depends on the time for which you have been using cannabis.

A T-break is a perfect way to lower your tolerance toward the herb. And it also helps you detoxicate the THC from your body. However, you must know that the task is not that easy. Sure, marijuana doesn’t cause any addiction. But consuming it for a long time may get you psychologically dependent on it. And due to this, if you leave it altogether, you will experience a few withdrawal symptoms for some time.

Having said that, while taking a tolerance break from cannabis, you must remember, perseverance is what you need the most. Just keep fighting, and soon, you’ll see the results for yourself.

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