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Buying Cannabis For The First Time? Here’s How You Should go About it

Buying Cannabis For The First Time? Here’s How You Should go About it

Okay, I’m not gonna lie to you. Going to a cannabis dispensary for the first time can be daunting. And why not? The herb is complex. And there’s so much you need to know about it, including strain, pureness, legalities, etc. Trust me, even the smallest things about your visit to your local marijuana dispensary can cast a huge difference in your overall experience.

Hey, you don’t want your first marijuana dispensary experience to go bad, right? So, how about you learn how to keep it right beforehand?

That’s exactly what we are here for!
Once you are done with your 420 evaluations online, here are a few tips by cannabis experts that you may follow to keep your first trip to a cannabis dispensary as smooth as possible.

Do Some Research

Buying cannabis for the first time? You surely don’t want it to look obvious and ending up being sold the wrong products. Hence, before you make a visit to the dispensary, always do some research beforehand.

Now, what exactly do you need to learn?
Well, this may include a lot of things including various cannabis strains, cannabinoids, methods of consumption, laws, etc. Sure, you can’t be an expert on these things in a short time. Yet, learning even a little bit about them can come a long way and help you a lot in shopping the right marijuana products in your first attempt only.

Have Your ID With You

I know, you passed your 420 evaluations online and have a cannabis card, which means you are legally allowed to use marijuana. However, you still need to have a government-issued ID when you visit a cannabis dispensary. That’s the protocol that everyone needs to follow. In fact, you should yourself hand in your recommendation and ID to the budtender without even asking. That’s what the good dispensary etiquettes call for.

Go in With Cash

Here’s a small fact:- Cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. And it’s gonna stay that way, at least until the foreseeable future. Now, this has made it extremely difficult for marijuana businesses to operate cashless, as they cannot deposit their money in federal banks. So, what other option they are left with? Cash, of course.

Yes, you may find a few dispensaries accepting cashless methods too. But still, it’s better not to rely on just a “maybe.” Hence, always go into a dispensary with some cash in hand. Also, as a suggestion, you should keep some extra, in case you happen to find something new you may wanna try.

Ask For The Experience You Are Expecting

Did you do your research, as we asked? If yes, you perhaps already know what type of product you may need in order to get the experience you are expecting. However, your knowledge is just theoretical. And that might not be enough.

So, how about you ask for some help? Not really a bad idea, right.

In fact, asking your budtender to help you find the right product for the experience you are looking for may increase your chances of landing with it significantly. After all, your budtender knows his way through cannabis. And he may be able to help you narrow down your choices. And hey, you don’t have to worry about him judging you. Trust me, he gets many first-timers on a daily basis. And it’s his job to help them feel comfortable.

Trust Your Instinct

Developing a liking for something? Take your chance. Not able to make up your mind for anything? Simply leave. Trust me, no one’s going to judge you. After all, it’s you who need to spend their hard-earned money on it. And thus, you must trust your instinct.

You don’t want to do something halfheartedly, especially in the case of cannabis. You might have heard about the herb amplifying your current feelings. So, unless you are truly satisfied with a product, it won’t do any good for you. Trust your heart.

In light of the COVID pandemic, we advise all our patients to see a doctor online instead of visiting the clinic. Help us flatten the curve by opting for an online 420 evaluation in Temecula.