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What Are The Benefits of Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extracts?

What Are The Benefits of Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extracts?

The cannabis plant is made of several cannabinoids including the well-known CBD and THC. Unfortunately, people are not aware of the 100+ Phyto cannabinoids present inside the cannabis plant. In particular, CBN and CBG. These are the lesser-known cannabinoids of the plant that work in tandem with the rest of the components to bring about the entourage effect. Ideally, the entourage effect is responsible for bringing out the whole-plant effects, and the same is used to make the most out of cannabis medicines. You can get full-spectrum plant extract with the help of a medical marijuana card. 

Looking at the current scenario, it is safe to say that cannabis is largely used by a lot of people for therapeutic purposes. Especially the non-intoxicating part of the plant- CBD. It provides therapeutic benefits without causing a “high” and helps alleviate the symptoms of medical conditions such as epilepsy

The only exception, in this case, is that medicines derived from the whole-plant extract are more beneficial than single component-based medical marijuana. Not only this, but even experts believe that combinations of several cannabinoids are used to get the most out of the cannabis plants. So, when it comes to extracts, terms such as full-spectrum is something that you should look for. That said, let’s find out more about full-spectrum cannabis extracts. 

Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extracts Are More Effective 

If we look at the profile of cannabis cannabinoids, we will come across a variety of Phyto cannabinoids. From the widely acknowledged THC and CBD to the taste providers termed terpenes.

You see, these components work best when they are in rhythm with each other. However, it doesn’t mean that CBD or THC alone does not provide therapeutic benefits. Of course, they do, but the effects accelerate when all the compounds work in tandem with each other. Which by the way is also known as the entourage effect. So, as a customer, you might receive more benefit from full-spectrum cannabis extract than single compounds based medicines.  

Ideally, full-spectrum cannabis extracts are more powerful because normal extractions involve sifting. The components are lost during this process and the final product misses the depth of properties present in the whole-plant form. On the other hand, full-spectrum cannabis products are engineered to change the plants’ profile into resins. 

Also, to understand the vitality of full-spectrum cannabis plants, you have to first understand the concept of the entourage effect. In simple words, the entourage effect means cannabinoids working in synergy to bring the maximum out of therapeutic properties. 

What Does Research Say? 

If we talk solely about the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis extracts, research shows that full-spectrum cannabis products are more medically effective than CBD or THC only products. Especially products that alleviate pain, inflammation, and other medical symptoms. Also, it has to be kept in mind that not all CBD derived or THC products are incompetent. In some cases such as Dravet Syndrome, CBD-rich medicines have maximum medicinal potential. 


The only problem is that single compound products have limited therapeutic advantages. The reason why even cannabis doctors prefer full-spectrum cannabis extract over single compound extract. For more information, you can always talk to a cannabis doctor or get a medical marijuana card to avail of the best medical cannabis for your condition. 

The Whole Truth Explained 

When it comes to medical marijuana medicines, in particular, the ones that are used in the treatment of severe epilepsy, the whole truth remains buried. According to a cannabis expert, medicines containing CBD cannot work miraculously without different ratios of THCA and THC. In fact, the lesser found compounds such as CBG and CBN also play a major role in combating health diseases. Moreover, it is difficult to get over the process of opioids withdrawal without the presence of little amounts of THC. 

More vitally. As a cannabis consumer, you have to keep in mind that it is not easy to recognize the benefits of full-spectrum marijuana extracts. The reason behind it is that the process behind full-spectrum cannabis extraction is complex and intricate. Only well-versed cannabis experts and scientists working on cannabinoid research can recognize the science behind full-spectrum marijuana extraction. 

Final Thoughts 

The story behind full-spectrum cannabis extraction is not that simple to understand. However, cannabis stores that sell these products have paperwork and lab reports to prove the legitimacy of the products. So, make sure that you ask for lab reports before purchasing full-spectrum products. You can also visit cannabis dispensaries online because some of them publish lab reports online. In case, you don’t find it on the internet, politely ask the concerned person and receive legitimate cannabis products


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