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What’s The Best Way to Clean a Bong?

What’s The Best Way to Clean a Bong?

Also called a water pipe, the bong is one of the most common methods of cannabis consumption. In this, the water cools and filters smoke before it reaches your lungs through the mouthpiece. To use a bong legally, you should get an MMJ recommendation letter from a licensed medical marijuana doctor.

Some major reasons why people prefer bongs for smoking marijuana are—it’s easy to use, eliminates harsh smoke, and filters toxicants produced by burning cannabis. To ensure proper operations, you should clean your bong and remove the resin buildup regularly. Let’s learn how can you clean the bong.

Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning a Bong

To clean your bong, you require the following ingredients & materials-

  • Coarse sea salt
  • 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • Large storage bags
  • Bong plugs
  • Towel

Step 1- Remove The Bowl

Separate different parts of the bong, and place them in different storage bags. This will ensure that the small pieces won’t get damaged, plus you will be able to clean them thoroughly.

Step 2- Pour Alcohol in The Storage Bags

The next step is to add some coarse salt and rubbing alcohol in the storage bags. Make sure the bowl and downstream are completely submerged because only then, they can be cleaned properly.

Step 3- Pour Old Water Out

Now, pour out the old water from the bang. This will help you handle the bong comfortably while minimizing the damage. If you are a regular bong user, make sure you change the water daily. Why so? Because this will help you avoid excessive resin buildup while preserving the flavor of the smoke.

Step 4- Add Alcohol & Salt

Pour coarse salt into the bong, and make sure it should be enough to cover the bottom surface completely. Now, add one-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol into it, and keep it for a few minutes.

Step 5- Close The Openings

Plug the holes in different areas of the bong. You can use standard rubber stoppers for this purpose. Just go online and order standard-size plugs. However, make sure you measure the size of the mouthpiece and downstream openings carefully to get the right plugs for them.

Step 6- Shake Well

The next step is to shake the bong well. This will help to loosen up heavy resin buildup and clean the bong completely. Shake well until you see the clear glass. However, you should also shake the bowl and the downstream in the bags properly. Once you cleaned the bong and other parts, pour out the salt and alcohol.

Step 7- Rinse Properly

Now, you have cleared the resin buildup from the bong. It’s time to rinse them off. Simply add some warm water, shake gently, and wash away the remaining resin carefully.

Before reassembling the bong, make sure you rinse each part thoroughly, ensuring that they don’t have any alcohol left. If after rinsing, you notice any residual resin, repeat the complete process until you get everything flushed out. If your bong has extra filters or have some hard-to-reach areas, you can use pipe cleaners or cotton swabs.

To sum up, nothing ruins the taste of vapors than a dirty bong. Thus, cleaning your bong regularly is important. However, it’s not a herculean task, which you can’t do. If you use the bong regularly, make sure you pour out the old water every time you use. This will help in reducing resin buildup, thus maintaining optimal function. When cleaning the bong, you should disassemble all the parts, and clean them separately. Put the bowl and downstream in separate sealed bags, and pour small amount of coarse salt and alcohol in them. Make sure you shake the bags well to remove the resin buildup properly.

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